Nervous System

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Introduction to the Human Nervous System Interactive animation - anatomy of the Nervous System

Nervous System Concept Map

Concept Map 

Organisation of the nervous system interactive animation

The Nerve Impulse

Animated Tutorials on the nervous system

Action Potential

Action potential animation

Saltatory Propagation animation


Synapse interactive animation

Synapse animation 

Nerve Synapse Animation

The Nervous System power point
The Eye

A perception of Vision

Webvision - the organisation of the retina and visual system

Structure of the retina quiz


Useful Websites






Useful Websites:

The Nervous System - Has some good key points.  Useful as a summary, rather than detailed information.

Excitable Cells - From Kimball's Biology Page - good detail on action potentials

The Compound Action Potential  - from the general biology laboratory manuals, this site has some good information on membrane potential, action potentials, salutatory conduction, 

The Neurone

Neuroscience for Kids - This site is NOT just for kids.  It is a very useful, informative and detailed site

The physical factors behind the action potential

Animated tutorials: Neurobiology/Biopsychology




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