Module 8

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Sample Essay Titles

  • How Bacteria affect Human Lives

  • How microorganisms can benefit humans

  • The functions of mineral ions in plants and animals

  • How the structure of different cells is related to their function  

  • The effect of temperature on living organisms and the processes which occur in them

  • Relationships between different species of organisms

  • The importance of osmosis in plants and animals

  • The ways in which genes and the environment contribute to variation

  • How different organisms obtain the element nitrogen

  • The functions of cell-surface membranes

  • The ways in which genes and environment effects phenotype of an organism

  • The part played by microorganisms in nutrient cycles

  • The similarities and differences between nervous and hormonal control in animals

  • The passage of water through plants

  • The effect of ecological conditions on the distribution of organisms

  • The functions of proteins

  • Adaptations to living on land

  • Homeostasis in a mammal

  • How the body of a mammal obtains nutrients before and after birth

  • Energy flow through ecosystems

  • How light affects living organisms

  • The importance of carbohydrates in living organisms

  • The functions of blood

  • The advantages and disadvantages of living in water

  • The adaptations of parasites to their way of life

  • The genetic code

  • The relation between the structure of different cells and their functions

  • Support and movement in living organisms

  • Applications and implications of gene technology

  • Roles of pigments in living organisms

  • Control of the internal environment in living organisms

  • The role of enzymes in living organisms

  • Gas exchange in animals and flowering plants

  • Lipids in living organisms

  • Chemical coordination in plants and animals

  • The movement of molecules and ions through membranes

  • The chemical and biological control of insect pests

  • Transport systems in mammals and flowering plants

  • ATP and its roles in living organisms

  • Production and elimination of waste products in animals

  • The role of water in the lives of organisms

  • The factors affecting the growth and size of populations

  • The functions of proteins in plants and animals

  • Natural selection and the effects of environmental change